Bilingual Lesson

In yoga, there may be times where you cannot see the instructor’s pose because you are looking back or lowering your head. With exact instructions in English, you will know the correct pose without looking at it. You can concentrate on your own pose and practice yoga comfortably without interrupting the flow.
Japanese people can learn English and those from overseas can learn the Japanese language.
Repeatedly listening to the same instructions in Japanese and English and moving the body offers an advantage where Japanese people can learn English, and those from overseas can learn the Japanese language. Just as children learn words, repeatedly listening to words helps remember them first by ears and by stimulating all the five senses of the body.
You will learn English more reliably and quickly if you start learning it in an area of your interest.
If you learn yoga in English, you can easily visit a yoga studio when you are travelling overseas and you can interact with the local people with the same interest. This broadens your horizons and adds enjoyment to your life.
Yoga instructors can learn appropriate instructions when students from overseas join the class.
Serene Yoga Studio Omotesando has welcomed in the past guests from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Singapore.