Empty out the old

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When I had a panic disorder

I couldn’t ask anyone for help, and I felt like I was wandering alone in the dark.

Looking back, yoga was the most effective in recovery, both physically and mentally.

At the same time, various books saved me.

Instead of reading a lot of books

Read a book over and over again

Sometimes I write it down in my notebook,

I feel like I was nourishing my heart.

Among them, my favorite book,  “Opening Doors Within” by Eileen Caddy.

Today I would like to introduce some of them.

LIFE is full and overflowing with the new,
but it is necessary to empty out the old to make room for the new to enter.

The emptying out process can be very painful, for when you have been emptied of the old,

you may experience that feeling of having nothing to hold on to and of being alone and bereft of everything.

You may feel that life is completely dead and empty with no meaning to it, and you want to throw up your hands in despair.

Realize that if you are going through such a time, it is this process of being emptied of the old so that you can be refilled with the new.

Never give up hope,

but hold on until you are completely empty and drained of everything.

Then you can start again in newness of Spirit and in truth.

You can become as a little child and enjoy to the full the wonderment of this new life as you gradually become infilled by it.



Caddy, Eileen. Opening Doors Within: 365 Daily Meditations from Findhorn (Findhorn Classics) (p.309). Inner Traditions/Bear & Company. Kindle 版. 


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