the power of Mudra

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I thought that spring had finally come and the the tightness of my body got loosened a little; then, chill came back.

I realized that I was looking forward to spring from the bottom of my body and soul.

By the way, I would like to write about the power of ‘mudra’ today.

What is mudra?

Mudra originally means stamp or seal; it is the technique to facilitate the flow of energy

There are some kinds of mudra in which we pose certain positions using our entire body.

But it is mainly done with hand positions.

Very fine energy is flowing from our hands.

When we see Buddhist statues or paintings, we notice that their hands are positioned in various way.

Each mudra shows different energy.

For example, when we feel anger, we tend to clench our fingers tightly.

But this hand position sometimes leads to increase the energy of anger more.

When you make fists with anger, let your fingers loosen and place your hands together.

Then, you will see that the flow of energy is changed.

When I place my hands together, I feel mercy and sympathy towards the others; I have this

feeling that some kind of peaceful essence circulates in my whole body.

The pose to place hands together is called “Anjali Mudra”.

Anjali Mudra means mercy and respect.

When Mahatma Gandhi was shot at very close range, he died with chanting mantra, facing to the assassin with placing his hands together like that.

He reached to the state in which one didn’t cling to even his/her own life.

The instant when he was deprived of his life, he could choose the manner he wanted.

He didn’t end his life with surprise or anger of sudden murder; he achieved the state to let him express his mercy towards the assassin with placing his hands together.

I can imagine that he had not the pain or the fear of death, but the energy of peace which was flowing in his entire body, with placing his hands together toward the one he should have felt anger.

When I heard about this story, I realized that this was the goal I would like to achieve though yoga.

I would like to meet my last moment appreciating everything with placing my hands together.

To achieve this goal, I try to understand the purpose of my life though yoga, dedicate myself towards it, and hopefully live the truth without clinging to not only the materials but also the people close to me or even my own life.

My training is still going on.

I hope it gets warmer and becomes a perfect day for yoga on this weekend.

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